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Originally Posted by ChiRock773 View Post
It makes no sense for people to still support Mosley either...but people act like he's not a cheater......either you throw every cheater under the bus or you don't throw no body under...(waits for some fool to say they didn't cheat the same way)....
Completely agree, thats a reason i don't support him, Roy Jones or any of the rest of cheaters. Cheating is cheating period and someone can get from loaded gloves just as much from someone juicing.

I remember that night of the fight like it was yesterday, i was rooting for Margorito against Cotto and when he pulled off that victory in stunning fashion it was incredible. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that he cheated in that fight also. I remember a couple days after the fight a couple of my puerto rican friends cried foul play and said he was using something in the gloves, i was like yeah right you guys are just mad he destroyed Cotto. Boy were they right. Still feel bad for Cotto on a career ruined at the hands of a cheater.

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