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Originally Posted by TredKiller View Post
crap franchise: 17 championship banners, more then any other team.

crap players: russell, cousey, havlichek, bird, machale, parish, pierce, garnett, allen, lewis, exc.

crap legacy: best there is

pretty much.

dang how many basketball threads have i been threw today? lol

Lakers Legacy > Celtics Legacy

You guys have a few more championships, but the Lakers are a better franchise.

You guys didn't win ***** until McHale gave you guys KG for cheap. The Celtics were also mediocre for years before you became competitive again. It took the Lakers two years to build another dynasty. The Lakers will always be the favorite team in the NBA and the face of the NBA.

Kareem, Mikan, Shaq, Kobe, Magic, Worthy, West, Baylor, Wilt, etc. > Celtics best players.

Chick Hearn > Boston.
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