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Mark Epton was a world class amature, he was the British amature champion 3times and England captian. he had turend professional and had won six out of six, and was preparing to challage the Britiish and European Flyweight Champion Pat Clinton. Epton would be getting a purse of 18,000

All was going well, until he met a 16 year old amature called Naseem Hamed. Eptons team wanted to do some sparring with Hamed, it was a risky move, Hamed would be sparring a top class professional in full training for a European title fight. Anyway Bredan Ingle agreed to it.

The first time they sparred Naz had already trained a hour and had already sparred. Hamed and Epton done 3 rounds and Hamed had the better of it and hurt Epton. After the spar Epton but on a brave face and went to hit the bag.

Epton's trainer Wilf Swindles asked if they could do some more sparring the next day. Bredan said no problem. When Epton and Wilf went out of the door, Bredan grabbed Hamed and said Eptons coming back tomorrow. He's going to try and slaughter you''

The next night the ring was surrounded by the regulars. Even with headgurads and sparring gloves, it would be a real fight, a test of Naseem. When the sparred started Hamed never one to wait, attackted from the first, he hurt Epton to the body, opened a cut near his eye despite the headguard, split his nose, bashed him up and did a job on him. He took his beating for 6 rounds.

When it was over Bredan towelled down Naseem and unlaced his gloves, ''You've finished his career. He won't box again'' said Bredan

After taking a shower, Epton admitted to John Ingle son of Bredan, if he cound't beat a kid of sixteen, then what was the point? He wasn't paid his 18,000. Still unbeaten as a Pro, Epton retired from boxing.

And that is the story of Mark Epton's Retirement.

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