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Originally Posted by !! Shawn View Post
Tuition like that is reserved for private ivy league universities like Harvard. You can get a degree from State Universities for much much less. It is still over priced, but I explained the basic reason for that in a previous post.

As for the medical system. Yes, there are problems, it has more to do with corrupt congressmen bowing to the whims of pharmaceutical lobbiests than it has to do with our free market medical system.

I have spent more time in doctors offices than I would care to mention, and I can say that there is no problem with the medical system itself. Insurance companies do need some regulation. The way some companies jerk people around should be put under control, but socialised medicine is not the answer.

There is a reason why Canadians come state side when they need really serious medical treatment. Socialised medicine does not lend itself to innovation and cutting edge technology.

Most of the people espousing the benifits of socialised medicine have never had to go through the system with a serious illness. Specialists are a scarcity. Most of them move to higher paying places like the US.

I have heard horror stories of ungodly waits to see a specialist for any serious illness you might be having.

I have had my share of strange and ****ed up diseases in my life. It has never taken longer than a week to get in too see a specialist. I have no complaints about the US medical system, even with all of the time I have spent dealing with it.
buddy, you can't feed me false information cuz I live here in Canada. we get great health care and we get great education for almost nothing.

canadian doctors going to the states and not having the system here set in place for major illnesses is all propaganda.

you like to use the word FREE but really, is your system actually free? do you really have the choice in your hands? the choice is in how much money you've got. if you can't pay for your cancer treatments, well, the choice has been made for you. if you can't pay for your education well, the choice has once again been made for you. here, we have actual freedom. where having an education and being treated for any health issue is completely up to you.
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