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Them Apples - I'm not going to slag you off, cos everyone is entitled to their opinion, and while I agree with you in the fact that boxing has moved on in training methods etc and boxers are bigger, I honestly cannot see how you came to your conclusion in your top 10 list. Did you just base it on who you think would beat everyone else, even if you did this is IMO completely wrong. Have you watched much boxing before? A top 10 list should be based on length of reign, defences made, quality of opposition within the time they fought, attributes of the fighter such as speed,power,chin,ring generalship,tactical awareness, also did they fight everyone in their era worth fighting and how did they do against them.
Also I find it hard to agree with you when you say the fighters today were better conditioned than in the 40's-70's. Holyfield and some of the recent heavies maybe, but the 4 who reign today, no way. Louis,Walcott,Charles,Marciano,Ali,Frazier and even the contenders from them eras could fight longer and harder than today's so called heavyweight champs, and they were a lot tougher, they had to be because of the lack of money, which is why they fought more often.

Your list
1> Mike Tyson
2> Lennox Lewis
3> Larry Holmes
4> Evander Holyfield
5> Teophilio Stevenson
6> David Tua (yea he's under rated)
7> Frank Bruno
8>George Foreman
9> Joe Frazier
10>Muhammed Ali

I find it impossible to even think of Bruno and Tua to be in there, what have they achieved compared to others, absolutely nothing. Stevenson while he was one of the greatest amatuers, I really don't think he would have cut it against the top pros of his era. To have Tyson top is ludicrous, maybe he could have been the greatest of all time (check out my article, Tyson where did it all go wrong, for explanation). Tyson was beat comprehensively by the 2 other greats of his era, and lacked a lot of ingredients to be considered the best, also never achieved as much as Ali,Holmes,Lewis,Louis,Holyfield etc. I don't know if youv'e just started watching boxing and haven't seen the old time fighters, if not check out on youtube just to see some clips. Frank Bruno was lucky to win the title, had he fought against Louis,Marciano,Liston,Charles,Walcott,Dempsey,John son or pretty much any other champion you care to mention, he would have been beaten. I liked big frank and had he not lifted so many weights could have been better, but he was who he was a lumbering robot with a big punch and no stamina, but a really good chin and certainly not an all time great

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