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Default Boycott Floyd's fight, whos joining the wagon?

What's up everybody? I just wanted to ask everyone who wants to ride the boycott Floyd PPV wagon? Stop drinking his juice and open your eyes. Me personally haven't bought a Floyd ppv ever? I refuse to spend my hard earned money on something I dont get to good return from? To the people who don't drink the Floyd cool aid and who don't hang on Floyd's every word and thought, when was the last time you walked away from a Floyd PPV you bought and were satisfied with your purchase? Stop the madness now and just say no. Truthfully the only PPV worthy event for a Floyd fight is his battle with a Canelo or a Martinez fight with a stacked card. Beside those two fights no other fight is worth buying and not PPV quality. Stop lining Floyd's pockets now and save your money. That same money you give him, he will end up throwing it away down some dirty strippers g string.

So I say stop the madness now and boycott Floyd's PPV. Anyways it ain't you can't watch it a week later. Join the wagon.
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