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Originally Posted by Good Boy View Post
why do they need hbo so bad? showtime fighters have been getting great ratings. both would be fine without the other
Without HBO, GPB no longer has the leverage to pull as much money as possible from Showtime for airing their fights. What does GPB do when they want to air a fight and Showtime says "No, we're not interested in airing this fight"??.. Why would Showtime bid against themselves??. GPB will have no choice but to run back to HBO and try to get them back in the mix. Sure for now everything is peaches and cream between GPB and Showtime, but in business and power things can change in an instant. Why do you think Schaefer hasn't bad mouthed HBO like he has Top Rank? I'm sure it's because he understands that he still needs HBO in order to get every last dollar possible for his fighters and his promotion.. Explain to me why Showtime would hand out any more lucrative Mayweather like contracts to GBP fighters with no other competition to bid against for their services?. You need to look at the bigger picture my friend.
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