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Originally Posted by johnm is...
Jesus Christ, this guy gets crucified on here for things that other guys get a pass for.

Guerrero can move up to 147, win a belt, and Mayweather isn't supposed to fight him because he's "too small." Despite the fact that Mayweather isn't big to start with.

Mayweather wins a title at 154, he has to fight Canelo (miraculously, Mayweather isn't "too small" in this situation). He is also supposed to fight Martinez, another fight where Floyd isn't "too small."

Mayweather is said to be "ducking" Canelo, because Canelo made a silly demand, and acted like a diva. Nevermind the fact that Canelo makes a (damn good) living off of avoiding top opposition.

Mayweather acts like a diva, and makes a silly demand, and guess what? Mayweather's ducking again.

Pacquiao wins a vacant title (at a catchweight of 150) and is praised, never expected to defend the title against a legit 154lber.

I could go on, obviously, but I think you get it.

Call it whatever you want, but it's the reason that with every day that passes, people take this place less and less serious.
True story.

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