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Default Just Got Back - K9/Smith

I just couldn't understand it, I just got back from Cornelious Bundrage/Ishe Smith fight. Through the years I have had interactions with K9, even writing up that piece from way back when. Every time I left a meeting with K9 I felt inspired and enlightened by his joyous yet determined type of personality. I just couldn't understand it, where was that fire, where was the desire last night?

I have never in my life seen K9 fight so passively. As the rounds ticked by I kept waiting for him to unleash and show the world exactly what a viscious and determined beast a Detroit Dog can be.

The fight started casually enough, until Bundrage was penalized a point early for either throwing Smith to the canvas or hitting Smith when he was down. I missed the action as it transpired, did I mention some of Detroits prettiest ladies taking in the fights?

So they seemed to start to engage abit when K9 just up and decides that he's the champion and that he will just dance for acouple of rounds, just giving them to Smith. Why give any away? Watching K9 work last night was much like watching a job interview between two people. One man believing that he has the job while the other was obviousley trying to get it. It seemed that K9 believed that he may have had an "advantage' in the judging seeing that the fight was in his hometown. Smith fought like he wanted the title while K9 fought almost passively to his previous standards of aggression just letting rounds slip by.

While the fight may have been in K9's hometown you must consider a trump card if there ever was to be a trump card in a hometown fight, that being that it was Floyds show and you know who manages Ishe. I am in no way implyig that the judging was unjust, in my eyes the man who won the fight left with the belt in his opponents home town. That's a trend that I would like to see continued, absolutely upscale and honorable scorecards were turned in by all of the judges.

Each man had his moments, battering the opponent as he lay stranded and dazed against the ropes. Ishe came on hard in the last two rounds just cracking K9 with good shots and hurting him. Smith punches, K9 eats the shots never bringing that damned left hand up. The whole fight, Ishe punches him with a right and K9 eats it yet keeps his hand by his waist the whole fight.

Overall Ishe earned it, but you could argue the same that K9 just dropped it. I saw the dog acouple of times last night, but it was one shot at a time and the scenes of any dog fighting were too few and far between. I almost wish that it had just been the K9 of old in there last night, that crude styled and determined man with all of the hooks and right hands who would just let wild shots go at any time. Last night I just wish that he had let something go, like his fists, rather than his belt..........Rockin'

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