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Default Mike Perez was sparring at my local gym

It was open sparring - 5 euro in. Didn't expect him to be there when I walked in. I'd say he looks in shape right about now compared to when we last saw him in prizefighter after which he dissapeared off the face of the earth.

I was told his inactivity isn't due to an unwillingness to continue or anything like that. Perez doesn't want to keep on fighting cans, but wants to fight tougher competition. The problem is they don't want to fight him, so right now he's stuck in a tough spot.

He sparred two Russians on the night, I don't know who they are but they were probably more than 190lb, one looked a bit under 6 foot, built like a tank, the other much taller, skinny/lean. The under six foot Russian is currently 18 years old and an am world champ, if that helps someone figure out who he is.

Perez did not look too sharp. He kept trying some Ali like head movement were he lowers his guard and tries to weave. The problem is he kept getting hit. I don't think he took it seriously but he was getting clocked quite a bit. He kept his hands low mostly and his upper guard was easily penetrated. In the last round vs the am world champ he got a fare bit frustrated and went all out. He was a bit ****y throughout but everytime he acted up he got smacked in the face.

Anyway, I'll upload the video to youtube soon enough. It's a bit shaky since I was using the Nexus seven which has the ingenius design of having the camera on the front, meaning you have to lean forward to look at the screen to see if it's recording the same thing.

6 min clip of Perez sparring the shorter Russian and some at the end of him fighting the taller one.

And yeah, myself and my dad got our picture taken with him. I'm 6"4 and I have to say Perez did not look 6 feet tall compared to me.

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