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Originally Posted by -Kev- View Post
I'm sure you happily watched Matthysse-Dallas, Donaire-Arce, as well as a bunch of other "predictable" fights. This is about something else, you just don't like Broner. No need for no fake ass bullsh*t excuses.
Donaire-Arce wasn't as much of a mis-match. Donaire's fight with Wilfredo Vazquez Jr was fairly competitive who Arce beat around a year and a half prior.

I'd agree with your take on Matthysse-Dallas but remember that was a fill in fight.

To be fair to Broner the list isn't very deep at Lightweight. He's already beaten Demarco, Burns and Vazquez are already signed up to fight each other same with Abril and Bogere. Hopefully he can fight the winner of Burns-Vazquez and then move up.
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