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Default Why all the hate for Cotto?

The man is a 4 time 3 division world champion...
He carries himself like a gentleman...
Why so much hate?

We have ridiculous posters on here saying that Sergio Martinez has accomplished more in his career than Miguel Cotto...

Lets debunk this myth right now

Sergio Martinez (50-2-2 28KOs)

Record in title fights- 6-0 4KOs

World Champions faced- 6

Turned Pro in 97'

Miguel Angel Cotto (37-4-0 30KOs)

Record in title fights- 17-4 14KOs

World champions faced- 17

Turned Pro in 01'

Truth is Martinez hasnt accomplished a fourth of what Cotto has in his career

Let's take it a step further .... how about Marquez?

Juan Manuel Marquez (54-6-1 39KOs)

Record in title fights 10-4-1 4KOs

World champions faced- 14

how does he stack up against Mayweather and Pacquiao? Quite well actually...

Manny Pacquiao (54-4-2 38KOs)

Record in title fights- 16-2-2 11KOs

World champs faced - 17

Floyd Mayweather (43-0 26KOs)

record in title fights- 19-0 9 KOs

World champs faced- 17

surely Cottos best is behind him, but....
for those who say Cotto was never elite.... well then what was he?
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