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Originally Posted by -PANDA- View Post
I'm losing major respect for marquez...he knows he can't beat floyd and pac has a good chance of stopping him as well if a 5th fight ever came off

he's making calculated decisions about his career now that he's in a position to cherrypick whom he fights and he should at least be criticized as much as floyd has been for doing this...

by the looks of it he's looking to cash out as much as he can which by my definition doesn't make him a warrior
Really? When has Manny Pacquiao EVER came close to stopping Juan Manuel Marquez? He could not even do it in his early prime. Marquez just knows he cannot beat Mayweather and that's why he is not chasing him for another fight. A fighter knows when he is out matched. Pacquiao on the other hand had Marquez in his side like a thorn for 8 years because Marquez arguably beat Manny at least two times prior to the 4th fight.
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