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Originally Posted by ROSS CALIFORNIA View Post
For me it was a nightmare. I was about 18. I watched it at home with my mom and dad. I remember saying "come on, hit him" "he's not doing anything" "he's not fighting" "what's wrong with him?". I was pissed at Tyson for not fighting and by the 10th round I was saying "just knock him out" referring to Tyson. Yeah, I was all butt hurt my idol was getting beat.

Tyson had fired his long time Trainer Kevin Rooney and was slowly losing what had had made him the fighter he was. The reason why Tyson was so good was because he was hungry, he was mean, he was motivated to be the greatest HW ever and he had a trainer that was trained by Cus DeMato to train Tyson. Tyson was slowly changing before the Spinks fight and Don King was telling him he could do what he wanted and that he shouldn't trust his manager and trainers. After the Spinks fight Tyson was at the point where he wanted to do what he wanted to do and didn't want to take orders any more, so he fired his team and Don convinced him to hire new trainers and his friends as managers, because he could trust them. So now he has two of his childhood friends as co-managers. Guys that didn't know sh*t about the business, but Don promised to teach them how to manage. But, Don was secretly running the show and made Tyson believe he was running it. Tyson's new trainers felt they were lucky to be were they were and never yelled at him or anything. Rooney was the opposite. Tyson needed stern direction and wasn't getting it any more. In Tyson's first fight with his new team, he looked less than the prime Tyson we were used to. While training for Douglas, he broke training camp for 3 days and flew back to Los Angeles to attend a night club in China town. He was also knocked down by Greg Page in sparing and some said he hadn't looked as sharp as he usually was. Then Douglas' mom dying motivated Douglas to fight the fight of his life. All that spelled disaster for Mike. He was never the same fighter after he fired Rooney and that's a fact.
Yeah.. D'amato and Rooney gave him the direction he needed. It was a downward spiral when they were gone. I always thought Mike Tyson wasn't a bad person, but he really couldn't handle success, or even life itself, without the right people around him supporting.
But Tyson 85-90 was something boxing never saw before or after.
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