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Originally Posted by daggum View Post
yeah you kinda prove my point for me. he wasn't afraid to fly in order to fight bums. he was only afraid to fly against good fighters.

actually he didn't hit him plenty. go watch the calzaghe deception on youtube for proof. yes he was the aggressor. that's not a scoring criteria in boxing so i'm not sure why you even mention that. it's called effective aggression which he clearly was not. he was never able to track hopkins down and corner him. he just walked into counters over and over again. sure hopkins held too much but that doesn't mean he lost. did alexander lose to maidana or calzaghe to bika? they held constantly in those fights. notice how you have nothing of substance to say calzaghe won. only little nitpicking things. hopkins landed almost all the clean hard punches while making calzaghe flap around and miss. aka he outboxed him. aka he won.
Calzaghe's aggression was effective enough to make Hopkins want to hold the whole fight and fake injury. He was getting to him, tiring him out. And like I said Calzaghe lant enough to win Hopkins didn't throw enough and consequently didn't land enough. That's not really nitpicking is it that's a valid reason why he won, he out worked hopkins.
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