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Originally Posted by daggum View Post
well we know calzaghe wasn't scared of flying. how did he get to germany to fight that bum veit? boat?

actually the hopkins-calzaghe fight depends on the individuals ability to score fights. you clearly cannot. if someone thinks hitting air all night while getting countered is winning then they simply cannot score boxing at least according to the rules, but who cares about them right? i mean who needs clean punching and defense when you have an ineffective guy throwing a sh-itzillion slaps that don't even land.
Just because someone fly's to Germany once doesn't mean they're not afraid to fly and Germany isn't a very long flight anyway.
Calzaghe hit hopkins plenty if you havn't got your Calzaghe hate goggles on. Calzaghe was the aggressor the entire fight, Hopkins didn't throw enough and consequently didn't land enough, was clearly struggling with the pace, was holding constantly and taking dives to buy breather's.
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