Thread: [HOLY S**T!] Who was the Pharoah of Moses?
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Originally Posted by squealpiggy View Post
Tutankhamun died at the age of 18. Just saying.

Considering the Exodus never happened, the Pharaoh of Moses may not have ever existed.
Originally Posted by squealpiggy View Post
People with nutty views started the thread.

Alright, massive tribe of people wandering the desert for 40 years and conducting numerous wars of extermination and conquest. They must have left some archaeological evidence.

So.... where is it?
Perhaps youre not aware of the shasu....the shasu of YHVH. Interestingly, their time periods match up with the exodus fairly well, pretty exactly in pther words. Its some interesting research should you care to. But yeah, they are still uncovering the mysteries of the desert to this day, no need to make any definitive statements that something didnt happen.

In sum, therefore, we may state that the memory of the Hyksos expulsion did indeed live on in the folklore of the Canaanite population of the southern Levant. The exact details were understandably blurred and subconsciously modified over time, for the purpose of 'face-saving.' It became not a conquest but a peaceful descent of a group with pastoral associations who rapidly arrived at a position of political control.
Their departure came not as a result of an ignominious defeat, but either voluntarily or as a flight from a feud, or yet again as salvation from bondage.

- ibid
And while it would be wrong to jump to the conclusion that 'Israel' as known from the period of the Judges or the early monarchy was already in existence in Edom at this time, one cannot help but recall the numerous passages in later Biblical tradition that depict Yahweh 'coming froth from Se'ir' and originating in Edom. The only reasonably conclusion is that one major component in the later amalgam that constituted Israel, and the one with whom the worship of Yahweh originated, must be looked for among the Shasu of Edom already at the end of the fifteenth century B.C.

- Egypt, Canaan and Israel in Ancient Times, by Donald B. Redford

The 'Land of the Shasu' in the mountainous districts of Se'ir east of the Araba [the valley south of the Dead Sea] has an interesting consequence for one name in the mentioned lists from Soleb [northern Sudan] and Amarah [south of Cairo] --'Yhw (in) the land of the Shasu.' For half a century it has been generally admitted that we have here the tetragrammaton, the name of the Israelite god, 'Yahweh'; and if this be the case, as it undoubtedly is, the passage constitutes a most precious indication of the whereabouts during the late fifteenth century B.C. of an enclave revering this god.
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