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Originally Posted by elgranluchadore View Post
its mayweather's fault ashley, he has a history of ducking. pacquiao didnt duck anyone he just fought marquez for the 4th time when he didnt have to.
mayweather will probably duck canelo or some other big challenge next and retire instead, that will solidify his position as history greatest ducker, then ppl will only remember how cowardly mayweather was and how it was all his fault
Are you serious? Don't let your bias for a particular fighter blind you. All fighters are guided by their managers and promoters on who they fight. Just because a fighter doesn't fight who you want them to fight or every single person that calls them out to fight doesn't equal ducking. Ducking is when a fighter avoids their mandatory. Almost every fighter from 130-160lbs calls out Mayweather and he obviously can't fight everyone. So if you consider that ducking then Pacquiao definitely ducked Joan Guzman. Guzman called out PAC every chance he had from 2005-2009. There are a number other fighters that by your logic that PAC would have supposedly ducked.

I really don't think either PAC or May are duckers. They are prizefighters that fight for the biggest pay day available. Unfortunately that is what the sport of boxing has come to this days. If you don't want to see prizefighting check out amateur bouts or Armed Forces boxing. There are tons of great fights that are always happening.
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