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Originally Posted by deejd View Post
I did read the article, and again, because I made a mistake giving you the benefit of the doubt, the tone that the writer takes is quite reluctant to the idea of that specific mitt work. To downplay it by saying it's used for speed and flash is wrong.

He didn't only say that is was all flash, if you said you actually read the piece you would understand that yet you keep repeating something that is clearly false. He talks about both sides of it and even talks about how it's great for counter work and muscle memory of those counters.

Do trainers use it to show off, I don't believe it for a second. A trainer has to be able to comprehend what they're teaching the fighter. Do the fighters think they're legit because they're doing it; of course.

If you think that trainers don't use it to show off, then you either haven't been in enough gyms or are taking this way to personal for some other reason. I PERSONALLY have seen it used just for that, showing off. Again, I am not against it, I just think it needs to be used in conjunction with proper and fundamental technique. Not as the sole usage of the mitts.

The writer claims it's just paddy-cake work; do you think it's paddy-cake work? Pretty sure I've seen Mayweather, Mickie Bey, Jessie Vargas, and a host of others load up on some of those counters when doing the drill.

Again, I said it has it's purpose. I think it's great for hand eye coordination, learning the basic counters and good cardio work.

Here are some other action words the writer uses to describe the mitt work:

- Chimpmunk quick mitt work (didn't even use commas where needed)
- paddy-cake-paddy-work
- Touching
- Cookie cutter
- Choreography

The mere fact that the writer resides in that it's choreographed is the worst part. There's a difference between remembering which counter to throw and something being choreographed. A ballet is choreographed, synchronized swimming is choreographed, a theatrical production is choreographed; when a fan at the gym requests a triple hook, and Mayweather is obliged to do so, or when Roger says "catch" or "roll" and Mayweather reacts, that's not choreography. Even Jr. has talked to Roger during the mitt work and told him what he wants to see more of [i.e. shots to the body to work on upper cuts, see pad work for Cotto media day].

Well it is choreographed, in that there is no doubt. Not saying that Roger doexn't mix in different commands, but Floyd knows what to throw after what is thrown at him. There's nothing wrong with that but it's not like Roger is just throwing an array of shots and Floyd doesn't know what is coming at him.

Are you starting to comprehend what I mean. He can take shots at all the trainers he wants to, but he's essential trying to shoot down that style of mitt work. Nothing wrong with supporting the basics... but it's wild how the basics haven't worked against Mayweather yet his pull counters, check hooks, and lead rights rolling under seem to do the trick every time.
Because Mayweather has had success, isn't something you need as evidence for the way they use the mitts. Mayweather is a GREAT fighter, one of the best of all times. If you watch Mayweather in his amateur career and in his early pro career, he wasn't fighting with his lead hand down either. He's been properly schooled, make no mistake about it. Using the Mayweather style mitts has it's place, but again as the writer put, it shouldn't be used as the primary tool and style to teach in boxing. I think that's his only point and yet you took it and ran with it. It's just a conversation and nothing to get all upset about. I personally don't use that style but have nothing against those who do as long as they are teaching the fundamentals.
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