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Originally Posted by Exciterx30 View Post
You are entitled to your opinion and I always respect what every rational poster contributes but I never felt Pacquiao had great fundamentals. Pacquiao had an explosive, dynamic style that worked wonders for him and made him a great fighter, but his skills are not traditional in a classic sense.

If you take a new fighter and teach him to try and fight like Pacquiao, chances are he will get knocked out. Pacquiao, like Roy Jones and, to a lesser degree, Hamed, had physical gifts that made him special. On the other hand, Wladimir, is a classic boxer puncher with solid technique and an extensive amateur pedigree. That's why I choose Wladimir's fundamentals over Pacquiao's physical attributes.
I agree to an extent.

Very true, if you take a kid and ask him to fight like Pac chances are far worse than he just getting knocked out cold. It'd be very dangerous for the kid. Pac 's heart and physical tools made him what he is.

I though disagree about Wlad.
In my opinion he's not a classic boxer puncher but an outside fighter with rather limited fundamentals.
He is though extremely effective. He has a great ring generalship and manages to impose his jab, so that he can fight at a comfortable pace.
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