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Originally Posted by turnedup View Post
To the people saying Floyd was trying to clean up the sport, that's flat out bullshhh..If he was he would've suggest actual OST. What he's asking for is USADA which operates on a contract based per fight situation where the promoter picks what steroids to test for in theory still allowing guys to fight on enhancers that are not selected. That is not cleaning up the sport, I have been ubber critical of USADA since Winky Wright put them and GBP on blast over his testing vs Quillin. "The showed up at my house at 6 am took my two samples, then a week later i'm told the testing was cancelled and when I asked for both specimen from me and my opponent they said they threw them out"..So was Quillin clean? I think common sense tells us yeah asking Pacquaio to test under USADA would've been pointless anyway as evidenced by what we've come to learn about how USADA and GBP works. The sport is dirty, even some of the guys demanding testing are dirty..they don't appear it because they ask for testing but again much like Angel Hereida their involvement with these companies tells them what they are being tested for wayyyyyy before they are tested..give me 365 random testing and then we can talk about cleaning up this sport.
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