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Originally Posted by stefl14 View Post
This won't make any difference lol. Molina is a powder puncher and he will get out-boxed. Khan will look a million dollars but when he steps in with a puncher he'll get owned again. I, like many others, can't wait until Garcia gets destroyed. The guy is the definition of mediocre in my view. He is slow, flat-footed and generally not that good a boxer. Zab probably won't beat him because he's past prime and he's a 4 round fighter. That said, you will probably see Garcia getting his ass boxed off for them 4 rounds - exposing his mediocrity. Mark my words, he will be exposed eventually.
You said it. Theres too many Garcia nuthuggers here, too preoccupied with swinging from his nuts to see how mediocre he is. If he was so good, why is he fighting old and shot fighters? First, he gave a rematch to Morales and now Judah of all people??? what a joke.
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