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Alright guys, I didn't want to comment on any of what 50 has been saying lately but here goes. 50 Cent is a snake and some of you have already figured that out. This guy is sensitive as a little girl and you'll see it come out more and more. As a big fan of hip-hop I've watched his career pretty closely and can honestly stand by my statements. He turns his back on his friends, starts ridiculous beefs just for album sales, and tries desperately to out hustle his rivals like Diddy and Jay-Z.

His SMS headphone line isn't selling well. I live in NYC and have NEVER seen a single pair on the streets. ANYWHERE. His films aren't doing well or just straight to DVD releases. His album sales are slumping and hardly anyone in hip-hop is really checking for 50 anymore. Why? Because all the crazy stuff he's done over the years. He just comes off as a hater and wants people to side with him in all matters. He's never once admitted he was wrong about anything. Dre hardly talks to him anymore and most of his friends aren't around like they used to be. He burned a ton of bridges in his prime and now suffers for it.

Now on to boxing, he claims Floyd is like a brother to him. Then why in the world is he talking bad about Floyd in every interview? If my brother and I had a real beef, I wouldn't be airing his dirty laundry out for the world. Even if we weren't related by blood but still considered each other family, you just don't do that. He could easily call Floyd up and try to smooth things out, but he wants to do all that for publicity. Say what you want about Floyd, but the guy has pretty much ceased any conversation about 50 for the past few months. You're Floyd's brother but doing business with the enemy? Seriously.

And for the performance last night, that audience was quiet as a library. Who knows about 50's new song? Like c'mon son! Hardly anyone there probably realized 50 has a new single. He's saying he's trying to promote Gamboa and his fighters and that's cool, but has anyone really taken a second to think who he has on his roster? Gamboa? Talented but chinny and makes dumb business decisions. Goes from a $1 Million fight with Rios to $50,000 for last night's fight. Andre Dirrell? A guy who wasted an opportunity in the Super Six by faking an injury because he didn't want to face Ward.

Fans of boxing I say to you, don't trust this guy. I'm sure some of you may call me a hater or some kind of Floyd lover, but I'm just calling this guy 50 out. He's bad for boxing and is a snake. Just wait till his fighters start taking L's and see how much he wants to promote then. Hopefully I'm wrong, but history has a funny way of repeating itself.

Leaving this on a positive note, I will give 50 props for the SK Energy Drink venture. That's positive and I take my hat off to him for supplying those in need with food.
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