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Originally Posted by 1prodz View Post
You got your facts a little twisted, homeboy. Maynever Jr. was offered 8mil to fight Margarita in 2006. But instead ducked and dodge him for Carlos ta ta Baldomir a guy with like 25 loses. And Roids made 101 excuses why tata was a better choice.Then after the fight Roid starting crying and saying that no one appreciated him and that he was going to retire, that's the Truth!
and you guys STILL have the facts twisted.

Arum said, while Mayweather would have taken the $8 million to fight Margarito, he asked for a $10 million guarantee to fight opponents such as Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton, when Arum was only willing to guarantee $7 million.

Arum said Mayweather also asked for $20 million to fight De La Hoya, a fight Arum said he wasn't interested in participating in.

"That's not in the cards,"Arum said. "He wants $20 million for the De La Hoya fight? It's not there. Sometimes, my man, you gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. We'll talk about things down the road."
And this is what Antonio Margarito said:
"The only two threats I see at 147 pounds are Mayweather and Baldomir," Margarito recently told over brunch in Las Vegas. He will have, he said, a rooting interest Saturday night.

"Mayweather should be the favorite," Margarito said, "but Baldomir's a dangerous fighter. We'll see."
I mean, I wish for once people would not try to change history and what went down in Mayweather's career. Bob Arum used Mayweather's name to sell his Top Rank roster. He never wanted to make the Pacquiao fight homie so you got your facts twisted....


"It's not so much that I give a damn whether this fight happens--I don't-- and for me it's not the greatest experience doing a promotion with Floyd Mayweather," Arum said. "But not to do this fight would slow down the momentum of boxing."
And don't forget this.....

Arum also indicated he would like Pacquiao to get through the Hatton fight before going up against Mayweather saying***8220;I want Mayweather to stay there (in retirement) until September. The longer he***8217;s out the more rusty he***8217;ll be."

December 16th 2008
This was all Bob Arum talking. Not Oscar, Schaefer or Mayweather but rather good ol Bob speaking and of course Margarito stating how dangerous of a fighter Baldomir was.
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