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Originally Posted by Angry Cuban View Post
Yeah bro this ppl are getting crazy...that was abril..if gamboa had fighted him that day he would have taked rios' head off..gamboa is a punching machine...
That's why he backout in the first place, come on dude, your boy got scared plain and simple Abril was illegally holding the whole fight, that ain't fighting, that's a Maricon! plus style make fights and Gamboa wouldn't be holding, so Rios would have landed big shots on that chin.. if salido dropped his ass, Rios would have finished him. it's not like Gamboa is known for his great defence, Rios would have been getting hit yes, but he would have smothered Gamboa all night, and would have walked his ass down till he knocked him out, that's why he swam back to Cuba with Fidel.

You guys are so stupid to believe otherwise that Gamboa wasn't scared, the boy signed the contract and didn't show up for his own boxing promotion between him and Rios in Floida, his home town, he would have got the biggest pay day to date, so no excuse putas!

another thing I don't dislike Gamboa, his a good fighter but a tab bit co?ky if you ask me, he will be humbled soon when he steps in with a real warrior.

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