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Originally Posted by Pretty Boy32 View Post
Never seen the appeal in them,
Honestly if I wanna meet a girl I just go to a club or a bar with my friends,
Luckily I'm confident enough in myself to approach women with a smile and some humor,
Usually breaks the ice quite well...

I see alot of old men in there 40's on these sites,
It's pretty sad if you ask me, I mean how to get to your 40's with nobody?
Your either ugly, broke or a straight up loser, but in this particular case it seems all the above.

And even though the guys self asteem is already shot to pieces he has to lie about himself because he knows his bum ass wouldn't impress women if he told the truth about himself.
I think compulsive lying usually comes from a lack of self confidence with drives these losers to these sites.
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