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Originally Posted by BoxingGenius27 View Post
I've never really commented on this matter, but since everyone's giving their opinions, I'll ask my question.

I always thought sparring was a time to work on what you needed to "improve" on and not try to knock the other guys block off?

It seems in all your sparring matches, you talk about going 100% at your sparring partner and giving him a hell of a battle.

Maybe you felt like the sparring match was competitive because........ Well they were just "sparring" while you were going 100%.

FYI.... No matter what you do in life, you can't get any better if you don't make your weaknesses your strengths. Instead of trying to go hard at people in "sparring", maybe if you worked on getting better instead, who knows where your career might've gone.

Just sayin.
In the amatuers that hows I viewed it too.

Being a white kid with a black trainer while training in Detroit was tough enough, but when Johnny would slam open the door announcing that he has a white boy here says hes gonna kick all yo'all asses, wh's first? I come walking in behind him. They made me fight, if I didn't I wouldn't have survived.

My game at that time was pressure, nothing but constant pressure with feints and plenty of punches. If you weren't trained to fight for the full 3 minutes of every round in a fight with me then you were going to be in trouble, it was just another way to squeeze a guys heart. I had to fight in the sparring, soon I just fought all of the time like that. Guys can put pressure on another but when it's constant guys get uncomfortable, get out of their comfort zone. I always figured if it was a comfort zone for me, as I made it, and hes uncomfortable then I come out ahead When uncomfortable with a situatiob like that is when the opponents make their mistakes, you just gotta be there to capitalize.

All that I can finish with is yeah, as an amatuer I treated it like that. As a pro I found when entering a session with somebody new to me that I will put it on them and see how they react. If they escalte I'm only too pleased to do it.

Truthfully though, I was a better boxer than I was a banger. I could walk a ring with jabs and feints but as a pro my trainer asked me how do I want to fight. I told him that I want to be the constant aggressor droping alot of great tools that I had learned in the amatuers. So after the months of ass kickings that I took, one guiy had just fought Meldrick Taylor for the title, I eventually learned to stand and fight with very good pros. From there it was on to Galaxy where the gym wars were legendary. I used to get yelled at for fighting too hard but I looked at it this way..... if I'm not doing the ass kicking on him then chances are great that he will be doing some ass kicking on me. I'd always choose to not give an opponent the chance. It was dog eat dog once that bell rings........Rockin'

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