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Originally Posted by TheWinners View Post
How do you confuse hate with thinking someone is overrated? I hate the fact that people glorify him as such a legendary boxer when he's really not. He's not on the level of a Oscar De La Hoya, a Floyd Mayweather, a Roy Jones, etc. He's a juicer that takes easy challenges and weight drains boxers but he doesn't move up for a challenge. I mean the guy fought a lightweight 4 times yet he won't move up one weight class to fight someone else. Give me a break.
Only Pacquiao fans will think it is hate because they love and idolize the guy so much. History won't be so kind to Pacquiao especially after his 4th fight with Marquez and how he is going to be made to look AGAIN. He's already been dropped out of the top slot on a lot of P4P lists. Manny fans think I have been hating on the guy all these years but I've given him props when I was wrong in regards to some of his fights but the truth is right there and often said from Pacquiao and his own camp but it is wrong or hate to point out what they said? I'm looking forward to seeing how the 4th Marquez/Pacquiao fight is going to look like. I have a feeling Marquez will make the fight look like the 3rd and this time get the decision. It would be a boxing travesty if Pacquiao lost clearly again in the eyes of mostly all observers but get the nod. It would be too embarrassing for Pacquiao to accept a win like that again.
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