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As I've stated before I cut my professional career way short, but what I learned through my years inside and around the ring are priceless to me. You can rip on me as you already do, to me it's hilarious. I don't care who you were, if ever you left a ring that we both occupied inbetween the bells than I know you left with more respect than you entered the ring with.

I was transformed into a dog when ever I was gloved and heard that bell. Having your ass handed to you by talented men is not disgracefull, but it sure does hurt. With persistance and lots of black eyes and gouges inside of my mouth I kept showing the next day to do it all again, and again and.... this was after a descent amatuer career.

Then I was sharing the ring with my sparring partners, then I was owning the ring. Johnny, before we attended the recently built Galaxy, had me down in Pontiac teaching me to be a dog. At first I was a dog taking some horrific beatings, then I just learned, and then I was standing ground with some very tough men. We went to Galaxy and I was ready to fight and did just that for my entire time there.

I won't bore you with details of that venture nor about the amatuer years where in both I learned the trade. It was all just at the beginning but still who in here fought in stadiums, on tv, in a known stable, a movie made about your manager and stable mate. Some may have and thats great if they have.

In the gym I was trained to be and became a dog, I was viscious and alot of people didn't like that. All that I knew was that if I kept hitting them then they didn't have time to keep hitting me. some guys defenses took longer to solve and others I wasn't even close to solving. Regardless, I forged forward and pressed out a fight. Part of my game was to be able to fight hard for the entire round, the next round the same, and the next until we were done. I could do that against world class fighters. some tore me up others fought hard trying to keep pace. think about this, a fighter that could roll just like James Toney except this fighter could do it while advancing and taking ground. all right in sequence and rythme.

I paid my dues to be able to speak of this sport, so have many others yet with me there is a subtle difference. The rest of those guys don't have consistant and routine a$$holes following them around pressing accusations and just plain spouting pure ignorance and bull*****. Attack a dog for years and years and it will either cowar when attacked or fight back.

My gym attitude was serious and it followed me onto this site. You have no idea how many self proclaimed street tough guys walked in the first day, got punched in the nose and then we never see them again. Just like a revolving door. Enter, blood, exit....... just that quick. In the gym I would gladly exchange fists with just about anybody in the world. Ka-dy King and Jackie Kallen could confirm those words. I threw fists with anybody in Detroit, the US or the world for that matter. not that I got the oppertunity to throw with them all but if the oppertunity presented itself I was never shy to step in with anybody. (except for Bronco McCart at the contender auditions. instead I chose to spar Tarrick Salmaci. but you would never be interested in that.)everybody that showed me respect in the gym was inturn given my respect. these clowns that consistantly harass me show no respect, therefore I return the same whether you have fought or not...........Rockin'
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