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Originally Posted by Jim Jeffries View Post
Is that the way you classify Holocaust deniers?
Actually it is. I oppose legislating against holocaust denial. History should be judged on the evidence, not on the offence it may cause to some group or other. Holocaust deniers are hopelessly wrong but so are 9/11 truthers, creationists and this English professor.

He was arguing against libertarians. I find their offence at his rewriting of history to fit the point he was debating to be laughably hypocritical.

Not comparable, but promoting intelligent design in a biology class tends to get you fired.
I would expect a history teacher to be fired for promoting the notion that Stalin didn't kill anyone if this promotion was made in class to students. Teachers who knowingly teach demonstrably wrong information to students because of their political beliefs (and religion is a political belief, there is no distinction between them in my mind) should be fired. This should not be a controversial viewpoint.

This was not a history teacher in a history class though. It was an English professor in a debate setting.

Really? That's your defense? Why don't we have a looksie at Professor Furr's politics and social issues webpage (from the college website)

These are the sites I have found most valuable in my struggle to understand the world: the class struggle; exploitation; and all the attendant horrors of capitalism, as well as in evaluating the successes and failures of the old Communist movement.

One of these is not like the other
He's still an English professor talking outside his field of expertise about an area influenced by his personal beliefs. Anyone is free to demonstrate why he is wrong.

I think the bigger issue for Americans is their continuing hang-up about Communism. I mean seriously, a professor at a State college who sympathises with the political Left? OH MY GOD THE COLD WAR IS BACK ON.

Because I found it interesting, buttplug. Any more questions? Thank you for taking time out from your daily Christian and Republican/Conservative bashing to participate in my thread though.
Fair enough but only my wife gets to call me buttplug. Oh and some of her friends.

I'm just not understanding the outrage.
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