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Originally Posted by dan_cov View Post
You don't want it enough simple, I highly doubt you'll find motivation by asking opinions on a forum because reality is 95% of this forum are likely out of shape and have zero motivation themselves.

If you want it bad enough, get off your lazy ass, stop feeling sorry for yourself, put some music on that hypes you and get to the gym and rip it up.

If its cold, get a good meal, wrap up and get through it. Its only an hour or so...

Not sure what you expect us to say. Even half hour a day is better than no training. Maybe do something different, go swimming or cycling, something you don't normally do.

Survivor - Eye of the tiger, put it on full blast and if that don't motivate you, you're doomed!
I'm with him. Something else though, people usually develop an internal sense about exercising & look at it like working out.

You have to change the thought process. You have to view it as training. You take "training" more seriously than simply "working out".
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