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Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler UK View Post
Dawson moved down cos he had to. Cos 175 is a ghost town and 168 is where the money is.
dawson made 600k fighting ward, that could easily have been matched or surpassed at 175. he moved down, went to oakland and took **** money bcuz he wanted to fight the best p4p fighter possible and at his best in order to send a real statement around the boxing world. dawson never backed down from a challenge and he laways looked for the biggest fights. 175 is far from a ghost town btw. 168 is perhaps the best division in boxing but there are some good fights at 175 for chad, fights that would earn him more than the ward fight did.

Originally Posted by raskat View Post
well there are still lots of Ward fan(boys) who claim Ward beat a 100% fit Chad Dawson. If Ward was a fair fighter (which he never was), he would have fought Dawson at least at a catchweight. and now he admits he wouldnt even fight Martinez at a catchweight. if you cant see Ward's true colors now, ur clearly a Ward fanboy. Period
a catchweight would be the worst possible scenario, even worse than the fight not happening at all. imagine if ward beat dawson at a catchweight, he would have taken his belt. dawson as a 175lb champion wouldnt be allowed to be 175lbs and could still lose his title. thats unfair, in addition to being a disgrace to boxing and the LHW title!

dawson challenged a 168lb champion at 168lbs, nothing wrong with that. he chose himself to drop down in weight so he could make a statement and win a title in a second weightclass, nothing wrong with that either. if it was a miscalculation on his part it was just that, on his part. it doesnt have anything to do with ward and cant be blamed on him in any way.

we have 16 weightclasses and up to 5 "champions" in each one, wtf do we need catchweights for? you want to bury this sport? catchweights are a way to win titles in multiple weightclasses without making the necessary sacrifice. you are supposed to be at a disadvantage when you move up/down in weight to face a champion, thats what makes it so impressive when you win. catchweights is all politics, a way to manipulate the system and fool ppl you have a more impressive legacy than you really do.

dawson aint about that, hes old school. he wants a challenge, he wants to make a statement. they did it the old school way, at the real limit without making a mockery of the title and the sport. dawson was the one who called ward out and as a result hes the one who went to wards weightclass, it shouldnt be any other way.
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