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Originally Posted by IronDanHamza View Post
He was in my local area doing a sit down dinner type of events.

It was great, to be in the presence of such a legend. To hear him tell stories about Ray Robinson and Marcel Cerdan and the likes.

But, he was looking terribely old, struggling to talk, walk, and concentrate. He struggled to eat his dinner and was really slurring his words.

He had to leave early because he was too tired and repeated his "I fought Sugar Ray so many times, It's a wonder I don't have diabetes" a few times on accident. Was funny though, after he said it again, he was like "Have I said that joke already?"

I tried to ask him about Bert Lytell and Holman Williams but I couldn't really get any answers. Still, was amazing getting to meet him.

But yeah, he looked awful. In all honesty.
is that in the new york area? man... i wish i lived in the states sometimes.

i can imagine. that must have been awesome, hearing his stories of legendary fights. can you remember his stories or commentaries on his fights, or even remarks about fighters like robinson etc?

damn... sounds like he's derailed a bit, in his recent interviews he's looked very sharp.

hahaha thats class man. im sure ive seen him say that "have i said that one already" in some recent interviews of his.

damn, woulda been good to hear what he said about them... i guess it must be hard to recall at old age what happened so many years ago.

hmm. thats not good to hear. it sucks. hes such a legend. hes a different kind of fighter. from the old skool. hes got that grit and never say die attitude few people have, alive or dead. hes from the school of fighters like langford, dempsey, robinson. he may be the only one still alive from that kind of era. what id give to meet him, hear his knowledge and how he thinks, hear stories about fighters and people from back then... damn. i wonder if hed still be able to give fighting tips and tricks.

its pretty sobering hearing this. i gotta really do something if i want to meet him.

thanks for the reply

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