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Originally Posted by KRAFTSMAN View Post
You guys keep contradicting yourselves. You don't expect a guy who fought weight-drained fighters to pull the trigger on a young, undefeated lion like Bradly. I'd rather expect the other way around. In short, expecting an inferior fighter like you are describing here to fight like superman seems dumb, don't you think so? Bradly is supposed to massacre this overrated fighter. Haha.
I guess you was only reading the Pac retards comments prior to the fight , many posters including miserly was very accurate in how we said Bradley would be . young lion , lol your a dreamer kid Tim could not win a single round from Floyd , with his head stuck up and wide punchers he would be beat down and stopped , lion what a joke !!

So now your Pac is the same just his opponents are better lol , you kids dont know the first thing about boxing , the difference of when when Pac looks good and when he dont is to do with draining CWs and shot fighters coming of big losses , Manny is a WW hype job meaning his hype overshot reality , his great hyped wins were Cotto Oscar and Margo , what is the common denominator kid ?
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