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Originally Posted by Harry Balls View Post
yea that's a standard schedule for thailand muay thai training. Most schools over there does something similar.

It works well if you want to be a thaiboxer. Not so much an mma-fighter.
Also western thaiboxing have much more focus on power and physique than the Thais. Probably because of the size.
Also they go very light in sparring and focus on 100% quickness and technique.

No idea for mma,you should probably just go to a school and ask.
But i know that a lot of the greats wrestle with wrestlers, box with boxers and do bjj with bjj guys.
Also don't forget strength training. It's important for mma.

(most of them do 2 a day though. but probably considerably less roadwork than the thaiboxer)
Exactly that is for muay thai What I looking for is to check exactly how it is a mma full camp is set up, The real structure of the program, how many hours a day, in which hours do what, the breaks, everything, this more for a personal research.
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