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who you tellin?
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Originally Posted by Spoon23 View Post
It's called being truthful and having common sense. You won't get even if you try. Your rep is black try pondering on your useless posts that will give you an idea how different we are and maybe you can follow my way of making sense in posting threads and you'll be on your way to a greener life lol. Cheers!

And I just realized, You Flowmos in here must have a fall-out with their father. You guys keep defending that it's only Floyd Senior saying it, and it shouldn't hold ground. Wake-up boys that's floyd's Dad, you guys must have a rough experience with your dad to think your dad's won't look after your best interest.
You flow-mos don't trust your dad's that much. You don't give your dad due respect. That is really sad.. You guys should try trust your dad more. They love you, their your blood.

Just a piece of advice. Think about it.
you didnt answer my question truthfully though. how many alts did it take? lemme know.
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