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Vitali and Wlad would KO Dos Santos in less than 6 rounds. I think Vitali could beat him in an MMA fight too. Anyone who hasn't seen Vitali kick box should really do so. He would've been amazing as an MMA fighter if he would've trained for it. Dos Santos wouldn't have **** for power with 12oz gloves in a boxing match. It's not too hard to be a the best heavyweight striker in MMA... they're garbage. MMA people make a big deal out of the James Toney fight yet they forget that former UFC heavyweight champ Tim Silvia got knocked out cold in an MMA fight with old ass Ray Mercer lol. The only guy in MMA that could've been good in boxing is Anderson Silva. Look up him boxing on youtube. Atleast the boxer in an MMA fight would have a punchers chance... MMA guys in a boxing match is like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.
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