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"You heard it here first..."

Yeah, except the news been out for months.
At least the news about it being developed.

cool show-idea though.

Sorry. I missed where you posted the details.
So you got so butthurt over me telling u this is not new and definitely not where "u heard it first", that you put me on ignore?


what kind of a ****ing are u really?

Sorry i crushed your dreams pedro.

Oh and heres the original news about it slowpoke.
news/Entourage_Creator_Teams_with_****e_Lee_Mike_Tyson_ for_HBO_Show/7810787 (with the hollywood(dot)com prefix since new users can't post urls. lol, and the s p i k where the stars is.)

Now please remove me from the ignore list so i can keep posting in your ****ty threads. I promise not to be mean to you anymore.

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