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Originally Posted by paypayvay View Post
i mean ,the guy dosen't get that unconditional support that british fighters get from the fans , like haye for example , ( who is more arrogant than khan , disrespectful , not very active a s a fighter, cherry picks , avoided wlad for two years etc... ) people hate on him all the time on internet forum , more than any british boxers , it's seems like he always needs to earn " their respect " before a certain fight , as if winning a world title after a brutal knockout , fighting the biggest puncher in the division , and trying to fight the number one in the division is not enough to earn it .

and also the thing with sky , who refused to show his fights for no obvious logical reason
his full fight with maidana on youtube : 698 likes , 153 dislikes ...too much dislikes for a fight like that don't you think ?
Khan is a cool guy as long as he does not speak.The moment the wind gushes out of his lips you can not help but love him.He's a certified prick and I cant wait to see Judah sending Khan to his forefathers for a minute or two when they face up
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