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Horus will become famous soon enough

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  1. Horus
    07-09-2008 05:58 PM
    yeah i will send u the invite...Welcome :-)
  2. TheManchine
    07-09-2008 05:54 PM
    yes, i would like to join, is that possible?
  3. DanielTurcotte3
    07-08-2008 12:22 AM
    MA bad man i couldn't get to it quick enough.....haha it was hott **** until i ****ed it up.....
  4. Point Blank
    07-07-2008 11:00 PM
    Point Blank
    agree with what u said about her. maybe it's just that shot was taken pretty good.
  5. Point Blank
    07-07-2008 10:41 PM
    Point Blank
    bro who dat chic in yo avatar?
  6. T-97
    07-04-2008 01:42 PM
    Sup bro?
  7. Dorian
    06-06-2008 10:05 PM
    Skill wise there won't be another Floyd, never!
  8. Dorian
    05-23-2008 09:03 PM
    Sup man :P
    05-23-2008 04:25 AM
    gettin ready for Coalition war..... u Yay Area cuz?
  10. Horus
    05-23-2008 02:21 AM
    TOP 5 Legitimate Questions that People have ask about Miguel Cotto

    1.Is Miguel Cotto a great fighter right now or just a deserving young fighter that Floyd needs to fight?

    If he is a great fighter ...why and how..?

    What champions have he beat for a belt..?
    What P4P Highly ranked fighter has he beat..?
    Cotto has never been highly ranked on the P4P List..!
    Cotto has never fought a young, prime, active, p4p fighter yet..!

    Cotto is on the cusps of Greatness he is not great yet, IMO he haven't put himself in a position to be recognize as a great fighter.....

    When was the last time cotto was a not a favorite going into a fight ..??

    2.Will Cotto vs Mayweather be two prime GREAT fighters going up against each other OR will there be just one great fighter in that ring that night?

    Will Cotto vs.Mayweather be the same to
    SRL vs. Duran or will Cotto be no better then Ricky Hatton if Cotto doesn't manage to make the fight competitive enough to be perceive to really challenge Floyd

    Because the way it looks right now, even though there is high demand for this fight, Floyd is EXPECTED to win this fight.

    3.Why isn't Cotto a draw Like Tito Trinidad, even though he has the advantage of a build in fan base (Puerto Ricans) and Latino's......???

    Cotto vs. Paulie = 100k Buys
    Cotto vs. Judah = 220,000 buys
    Cotto vs. Mosley = 340,000 buys

    Felix Trinidad vs. Big Names Besides Oscar:

    Felix Trinidad vs. Roy Jones 500,000 PPV
    Felix Trinidad vs. Winky Wright 510,000 buys
    Felix Trinidad vs. Bernard Hopkins 475,000 buys
    Felix Trinidad vs. Ricardo Mayorga 420,000 buys
    Felix Trinidad vs. Fernando Vargas 560,000 buys

    4.If the Cotto vs. Margarito Fight is going to be a Huge Success

    Why Didn't Puerto Ricans and Mexicans Watch their fighters for Free on HBO...To let the world know that when they fight on P.P.V that this fight is going to be a Huge Success??

    Is that how it works, they wont watch them for free, but they will willingly pay $50 bucks to watch them fight.....

    5. Is Miguel Cotto Really WW or a Junior Middle Weight...?

    We all know that Miguel Cotto drains himself to make weight for the welther weight division....he has been doing this for years he even did it at 140, when He entered the ring weighing 157-pounds, making him a Jr. Middleweight defending his Jr. Welterweight Title over his 140-pound challenger, DeMarcus Corley.

    So the real question is why havent Miguel Cotto move up to his Natural Weight Class....

    Which is Junior Middle Weight or Middle Weight..Instead of Draining Himself 20 pounds for every fight...?

    you have to wonder how he'd fare against contenders who enter the ring weighing 154 or more, like he does all the time.

    Cotto needs to move up to at least 154. It cannot be healthy to lose 20 plus pounds for an official weigh-in and then gain almost 20 pounds before stepping between the ropes.

    That should not be allowed.
    New York Rules do not allow unofficial weigh in to be announce of fight night... (i.e Mosley and Judah Fight No Unofficial Weigh In)

    Miguel Cotto should not be fighting at Welther Weight if he is going to enter the ring as a Middle Weight It's just not right. Arguments can be made that Cotto is starving himself to fight at Welter, so he can have an advantage in size and power over smaller men.

    I don't understand why he's allowed to show up so far over the weight limit. What ever happened to rules? If a fight is contracted for 140-pounds and you show up 157 (Corley), then you have breeched the contract. Without rules, where's the legitimacy?

    The General Concerns I have with Cotto....

    Cotto has been on cloud 9 before he was even a champion,
    Now that Cotto has become boxing Last hope to become the Anti-Floyd....., He has left himself no room to grow as a fighter... To have the experience to be able to defeat Mayweather and it's now too late. So much hype and money have went in to this kid, and I mean kid, that he has to fight the best in the division now.

    No More Unproven Contenders Like Gomez,
    No More Past their Prime Old Fighters Mosely in which He barely Wins..
    No More fighting non active fighters like Judah
    He now has to fight Prime,Active, Young , P4P, Highly ranked Fighters....
    There is no more grace time.....The Time is Now....
    And His First Test is Margarito....
    Remember Cotto has never had to beat a Champion For his Title...He has always fought fellow contenders for vacant titles....

    I have been seeing this coming though, but the commentators on HBO are just commenting on the good things they see. Instead of the little things he does wrong that champions will see and will counter, and will not miss. He still gets hit a lot, and wastes a lot of punches. Sometimes he punches from too far out and leaves gaps where he can be countered or beaten to the punch.

    Zab Judah Show you how to counter him....
    Shane Mosley show you how to pressure him
    Demarcus Corely Show you how to accurately hit him...

    and Margarito will Probably show how can he handle being hurt by somebody who can finish the job
    And all those fighters all had defaults in their game....Either they were too old, primes their prime, not active before fighting him, or basic contenders.....

    Steward,Merchant and Lampley make him out to be some phenom, because he's KO'd a bunch of lightweights, contenders,and Past their prime fighters
    when they know he's starving to make the weight.

    I am not saying Cotto doesn't have a chance against Prime Young P4P Fighters
    but he still might be too green to face the guy that His Fans and Arum are expecting Cotto to now fight. "Mayweather"
    He still has very good skills, power, and a lot of heart, that will keep in the fights. Unfortunately, he still gets hit a lot, and wastes a lot of punches.

    And Everybody Knows Mayweather Is the Most Accurate, Counter Puncher probably in Boxing History.....and with 25 Knockouts on his records
    2 on them coming in his last 5 fights... and 4 of them coming against Top, Young, Prime, Active, and some even Undefeated Fighters.
    Cotto Flaws....Of Getting alot , and wasting a lot of punches, Is a flaw you can not afford to have against The Elite Fighters....., and The Most Elite Fighter in Mayweather...

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