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  1. Dynamite Kid
    10-06-2010 09:30 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    BTW, Silencers, did you ever catch Groves- De Gale amateur fight on youtube? I just watched it, thought it was a very close fight, hard to score, had it a draw but would not argue with Groves edging it on aggression, that said, it was not easy to score.
  2. Dynamite Kid
    10-06-2010 09:27 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    That is how Booth strikes me, although I like the way he told Groves to throw his jab in a staccato rhythm, thats smart, makes it harder for your jab to be countered.


    Yeah, kinda like Pavlik throws that left hook to maneuver his opponent into the right?
  3. Dynamite Kid
    10-06-2010 09:08 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    I think he has time to correct, I would be skeptical however, whether Booth is an observant enough of a coach to spot the issue.

    Have you noticed how Haye leans his head forward to tries and draw leads so he can counter with the right hand? IMO that leaves you wide open to jabs, and right hands if someone jumps in at you with it, I also noticed during the Ruiz fight, that Haye gravitates toward the ropes, he only steps off the line when his back hits the ropes, which is probably why Ruiz landed so many right hands.

    If I had a someone fight Haye, I would tell them to press Haye off the front foot behind the jab, but make sure they cut the the ring down and dont come in straight, double and triple the jab to make him go straight back toward the ropes, then come with the right hand when he tries to pivot away.
  4. Dynamite Kid
    10-06-2010 08:40 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    Hey Silencers, just been watching George Groves fight on the undercard of Diaz- Marquez, now I have always thought he had balance issues, but check this out, see if you agree, or if you have noticed anything about his technique.

    Groves is good offensive fighter who puts his punches together well, he also has a nice array of counter punches, but there is something about his technique that has always looked sloppy to me, what I think it is with him, is that he squares his shoulders up, not his feet though, its like he leans his torso on to the left side but his feet stay in the same position, he also has too wide of a stance, now a shoulder width stance makes you more upright, I understand that, but there is having a wide stance, and having a wide stance, Groves's stance is too wide, and given that he likes to drop the left hand, has too wide of a stance,
  5. Dynamite Kid
    10-06-2010 08:40 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    I can see him getting nailed by an overhand right, especially as he likes to hook (counter)with the left hand when you come at him, but he does not turn the left over short, he turns it over long, which means that if someone closes distance fast, and he cant get his left up from his leg quick enough, then he will get beaten to the punch and the right hand will land, see to me, if you drop your left but only drop it to your hip(Mayweather), and you throw your hook as a short punch, you can get away with dropping the left to a degree, cause you can bring it up quicker, but when you have your arm down by your leg, where there is no bend in your arm(Haye), its takes more time to bring up and hook with it, plus, it generally always comes as a longer hook when you do it that way.
  6. Dynamite Kid
    09-07-2010 06:51 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    You're right, 30 is normally the line where fighters start to show some signs of declining. Although it seems like more and more fighters nowadays are able to remain near their peak form at older ages. Considering how little fighters fight now though, the difference in performance from one fight to the next could be quite big.

    I think Richardson was trying to have him throw more punches in the corner, I think counterpunching was probably part of their gameplan but I think a mixture of age and as Mosley said, tightness probably contributed to his fatigue and low workrate. The way he set up the right hand that hurt Mayweather was very nice though, jab to the body to draw out the lead hook of Mayweather then came back over with the overhand right.

    Thats true, good call.

    Yeah, im almost sure the set up that right came straight from Richardson.
  7. Dynamite Kid
    09-06-2010 01:13 PM
    Dynamite Kid
    Yeah, but he still managed to dig deep. In the Mayweather fight, there was just nothing.=

    Yeah, what i attribute that to is, that every year after the age of 30 is fairly significant, and that your body has the potential to change change from 1 fight to another, infact I really dont think Mosley had his stamina tested in the Margarito fight cause he was able to hold.

    The only thing the i could think of, stylistically, that could cause Mosley to be so inactive, is if he spent the whole night trying to counter, and because of his aged reflexes he did not do it effectively and that, that somehow effected his output, aside from that, it looked to me like Mosley just did not seen to have anything in the tank
  8. Dynamite Kid
    09-06-2010 12:10 PM
    Dynamite Kid
    Yeah, his timing in the Mayorga fight was very bad but I kind of attribute that to Mayorga's tactics in the fight. Very hard to get your timing down against a guy who was throwing one or two shots then clinching you.

    I have really never seen Mosley get so fatigued in a fight. In basically all his fights he's finished as the stronger fighter, that's probably the age showing up. We'll see if he can keep up with Mora, if Mora doesn't allow him to hold it should be very interesting because Mora can throw close to 100 punches per round.

    Yeah, he seemed kinda confused in that fight at times, see the look on his face? he was like WTF, how do i work this out.

    I thought he finished strong against Cotto, but that he was blowing with his mouth was wide open, which seemed to suggest, to me at least, that age was starting to catch up with him.
  9. Dynamite Kid
    09-06-2010 11:58 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    Agree about him not looking great at 154. I also think Mosley's timing was terrible in that fight at 154 against Mayorga.

    I agree that Mayweather could of cut down Mosley's activity to a degree, but i seriously question how Mayweather could of possibly shut him down that much stylistically, infact I thought Mosley was blowing in the latter part of the Cotto fight, and that if he had not been allowed to hold as much against Margarito, that his stamina might of been called into question in that fight.
  10. Dynamite Kid
    09-06-2010 10:41 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    It could be that. Or it could have been him just getting old and basically saying to hell with this, I don't want to take any more punches than I have to anymore. Because I don't think a younger Chavez would've gone out like he did against Randall and like he did against DLH in their second fight. I think a younger Chavez would've kept fighting.


    BTW, what do you think of Mosley vs Mora? im thinking that Shane will either blow him out, or that Mora will give him a major head ache in a long fight. Mora seems to have an underrated toughness about to, which i guess could play into Shane's chances of a KO, or could help him stay in their and weather the storm. I dont like this match up for Shane even though he is expected to win, im thinking that herky jerky, awkard way Mora fights has the potential to make the jittery Mosley react and knock him out of his rhythm, however whether Mosley's power will be decisive factor is another reason i guess.

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