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D-MiZe has a reputation beyond reputeD-MiZe has a reputation beyond reputeD-MiZe has a reputation beyond reputeD-MiZe has a reputation beyond reputeD-MiZe has a reputation beyond reputeD-MiZe has a reputation beyond reputeD-MiZe has a reputation beyond reputeD-MiZe has a reputation beyond reputeD-MiZe has a reputation beyond reputeD-MiZe has a reputation beyond reputeD-MiZe has a reputation beyond repute

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Iron lungs

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  1. ▀ringer
    10-23-2013 06:21 PM

    Feel free to link me to some of his best stuff, though. I trust your taste.
  2. True Alpha Male
    10-22-2013 11:18 AM
    True Alpha Male
    Wot r u on about m8?
  3. Barn
    10-21-2013 07:36 PM
    If I come across anything good or recall anything I've seen, I'll throw it your way! If you come across any good typing lesson programs be sure to alert me so I can kick your ass next time we have a type-off.

    I've got to some serious cramming before tomorrow so I'm gonna try and work 'till 2am then hopefully get a little shut-eye. Talk to you again soon.
  4. Barn
    10-21-2013 07:19 PM
    I've wanted to be a boxing referee in my spare time for a little while. I've never gotten round to even looking into it though.

    Sounds like both options would be great for you then, I wish you the best of luck. It's definitely a worthwhile venture pursuing a degree in either of those subjects.

    You'd probably be surprised with regards to Maths. I'm not sure what level you got to but as I said earlier I'm doing first year Uni stuff at the minute and it's all just process following really. I feel anyone with a base intelligence like yourself definitely has a shot at it, it's not all it's hyped up to be.
  5. Barn
    10-21-2013 06:58 PM

    It depends what you're after though. I've never been motivated by money and I'm simply doing Physics because I enjoy it and have a bit of enthusiasm for it. I'll definitely be able to survive on a Physics degree and I guess it perhaps gives me the platform to potentially contribute to something cool as well, which is always an added bonus.

    So as well as going into Law/Accountancy for the money side of it (which I'm assuming is your reasoning, correct me if I'm wrong), you could also look at a degree that could get you a decent job, maybe one that is not as economically rewarding but that you enjoy a lot more?
  6. Barn
    10-21-2013 06:57 PM

    I'm not sure exactly. I won't specialise until 3rd year at University or whatever so I've got a bit of time to think about that. There are a few different courses though. "Physics, Mathematical Physics, Theoretical Physics, Physics w/ Astrophysics and Physics w/ Music () so I'll need to think about that as well and really look at the course material in the coming days before I write my personal statement etc.

    That's fair enough, and yeah, it's more of an idea if your cash strapped and can't fit in a degree around your lifestyle due to time/financial constraints. Laying out all your options and having a good think definitely won't do any harm. From what I hear in terms of word of mouth, Accountancy degrees are pretty good for pretty much walking into employment after your degree is over. Apparently the money:effort ratio is pretty fantastic for an accountant too.
  7. Barn
    10-21-2013 06:35 PM
    Yeah it's free up here, it's absolutely fantastic.

    Depends what your after really and how motivated you are by money. Your best bet is probably doing some sort of industrial training course that puts you through University so you can get experience, money and a qualification all in one. It may also potentially start you off in a career. I'm not sure how these things work down South though but I've got a mate who's doing this at an Oil Refinery up here and he's loving it.

    I'm in my final year at school and in Scotland we do the exams that count in terms of University entrance requirements in our second last year rather than the last one. So I'm pissing about in school as I already have quite a bit above the "typical offer" for a Physics course (which is what I want to do) at the most respected Universities in Scotland (Edinburgh, St Andrews). So, in our final year we do Advanced qualifications which is essentially first year Uni stuff and I'm doing Physics, Maths and Chemistry.
  8. Barn
    10-21-2013 06:19 PM
    Man, that was ages ago ha, you can't blame me for not having a f**cking clue.

    I've been good man, just chilling out at the minute and trying to find the motivation to do productive activities. Getting my University application sorted out as well in order to evade the big bad world for another 5 or so years.

    I've been a bit out of tune with boxing at the moment. I usually don't know of fights until a day or two before. I've been spending my Saturdays getting wrecked instead. I still haven't watched Bradley vs Marquez but thankfully I did catch Alvarado vs Provodnutjob.

    After a quick check of BoxRec, there's nothing I'm too excited over to be honest. I doubt I can stomach the Hopkins fight, that's just a 'check the result' kind of affair and if something interesting happens I'll check it out. I'll probably watch Brook and download Rosado vs Quillin and Deontay KO'ing some n00b in the morning.

    What about yourself, how've you been and what have you been getting up to?
  9. Barn
    10-21-2013 06:00 PM
    Er yeah, cool.

    Some context would be nice here, I'm not sure what this visitor message was in reply to.

    Or is it just something you felt inclined to say after recalling that I am Scottish?
  10. True Alpha Male
    10-19-2013 11:14 AM
    True Alpha Male
    U wot m8??

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