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  1. Hotbox2
    08-28-2009 08:37 PM
    I love to see midgets around small girls because it makes a midget feel Don't be so insecure. Any fool who post pics up of them and girls like that shows everyone that they aint about ****! hahaha
  2. Hotbox2
    08-28-2009 08:35 PM
    I don't give a **** if you voted for Obama. The KKK which is what you probably represent has to live with him being the president also. haha If you can't beat them join them. Remember to always bet on BLACK! I would really pray that you and your family was somehow killed. I would hope you died a slow death though...hahaha Don't forget to bet on black
  3. Hotbox2
    08-28-2009 08:32 PM
    See the difference between me an you is that you talk about your people and what they have. YOUR PEOPLE AINT GOT ****! They are some low life buffoons. Don't be pissed off because you have a little dick and all women know it. Plus you guys have no skills in any ****ing sport. I don't care what you say about other black people I have never been to jail, never smoked, don't do drugs but I do love your filipino women. When I **** them I must admit they do have some good ***** though. I bet if i ****ed your girl I would take her away from you. Oh I forgot I'm sure you pay for ***** because no ***** would ever want to be with a short dick midget
  4. Hotbox2
    08-28-2009 08:29 PM
    Hahaha...I love how you keep using the N word. Say it all all you want because you are only getting out the years of frustration of some black guy ****ing your girl and taking her away from you. Call me the N word all you like. hahaha I hope you enjoy it. I don't have to call you racist because it's evident. As I told you before why don't you show your so called black friends what you wrote and see how they respond. You are just a hypocrite that hates it that you can't beat a black in anything. You talk about looks! hahaha Have you really took a very good look at your people. Wow! What is that kind of hair that you guys so call have? It looks like 3 strands of strings. You must admit you guys are very ugly people. hahaha Is it that you are upset because we know you guys are very weak? anybody that goes to school for 4 years can get a bachelors degree you I don't go around telling anyone what I have or what I do because I mind my own business.
  5. Datu Puti
    08-26-2009 12:47 PM
    Datu Puti
    Believe me i'm not jealous of any black man, you can count on that. Second of all, I have a bachelor degree in BA at U of M and just finished my master's in HEALTH ADMINITRATION at Baylor. Third, people like you gets to go to University of Washington cause of the bull**** AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Thats why UC BERKELEY is infested with less educated blacks, than EDUCATED ASIANS. Check the statistic ******...and you'll see that your people is number one is most of the worst list.
  6. Datu Puti
    08-26-2009 12:42 PM
    Datu Puti
    First of all, believe me no one is jealous of your people. You said it yourself athletes and music...No ****in brains...resembles chimps. I'm not racist towards blacks, i'm prejudice towards ******S....Like i said, i respect blacks (they are educated, humble, talk normal, and does alot for the community) Now for ******S LIKE you yeah I hate you muthaf***..(uneducated, talk alot of smack even in defeat, pulls the race card like no ones business, **** their community up.)
  7. Hotbox2
    08-26-2009 11:00 AM
    When or if Floyd fights Manny. It won't be 2 fighters in the ring but you have made it a race issue so it will be Black Power vs Pinoy Power believe that. Once again we will prevail as the better man. So you better live with it. If you know black people and respect black people you idiot than show them your emails that you have emailed me and see if they agree with what you said...hahaha They will find your ass dead in an alley somewhere...hahaha Now who is the dumb one! Checkmate!
  8. Hotbox2
    08-26-2009 10:57 AM
    What is that ****! 3 ****ing strands of hair..hahahaha I love filipino women and it doesn't make a difference what race you are but people like you who are jealous of the black man should be dead. I'm sure you are not successful I'm positive about that. You can't beat us in anything. That's why Manny won't face a black fighter! Because he will get his little steroid ass all beat up the little coward
  9. Hotbox2
    08-26-2009 10:56 AM
    The point was boxing and you got upset like a little ***** ass girl because I told you that 1 of your people Manny was a piece of **** and he is. hahaha You are a complete joke. I don't care about myths but what I do know is that you must have asked a girl because she just wouldn't have said it. YOU INSECURE LITTLE *****. What makes you sound so ignorant is that you are callin me ugly when you have never seen me. hahaha But I'm sure I look better then your funny looking ass. Come get real! Have you really ever took a good look at your people. They are the closes to monkeys then any race that I know of. hahaha That's sad that you would even bring that up because you even look like a monkey. You guys have this weird thin ass hair **** that looks like cat whiskers. What is that ****! 3 ****ing strands of hair..hahahaha I love filipino women and it doesn't make a difference what race you are but people like you who are jealous of the black man should be dead.
  10. Hotbox2
    08-26-2009 10:54 AM
    Hahaha..Don't take it personal because YOU might be coming up short. First of all, if you want to talk about people are very very small little people who are very very ugly. (Mainly the men) I don't care what you call my people because I know most people like you are very jealous of us. You want to be like us. Athletes like us, talk like us, cool like us. But yet you talk about us. It's cool. I don't pull the race card but I will tell you that you are a ***** ass racist so it doesn't matter to me. Like I asked you what do YOU do! You talk about your people like they are respected over here..hahaha Even Freddie Roach even said how he hates filipino people. How stupid they are. He's making that money off of one though...hahaha See I was a college student at Univ. of Washington. I'm doing more for society then you would ever do because you don't know ****! No stupid ass you don't get the point.

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