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Hyacinth is infamous around these partsHyacinth is infamous around these partsHyacinth is infamous around these partsHyacinth is infamous around these partsHyacinth is infamous around these partsHyacinth is infamous around these partsHyacinth is infamous around these partsHyacinth is infamous around these partsHyacinth is infamous around these partsHyacinth is infamous around these partsHyacinth is infamous around these parts

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  1. PeasantCrusha
    Today 10:23 PM
    Hey peasant... Keep it down on that keyboard. Your roommate is trying to sleep. Also, think about maybe moving out of that studio apartment you share with the other two deliverymen. It's time to grow up and get your own rat infested LES studio. Maybe aply for work at the local 5 guys burger joint. Show them your liberal arts degree and they'll having you flipping burgers in no time. You can do it!
  2. PeasantCrusha
    Today 10:07 PM
    And still you lack the confidence in who you are to reveal your cuture. You know I will slay that peasant world of yours to shreds. It's so sad how you persist in hiding and all the while, engaging in childish fiction. You have said nothing. Psychological profile: You are unattractive, terrible with women and uncertain about your liberal arts degree in terms of actually being able to earn a REAL living. You are doomed and you know it... This is why you rage against the "old man" who is established both financially and with the opposite sex. AHAHAHAHAHA!
  3. PeasantCrusha
    Today 08:53 PM
    Ah... More fiction fron the CUNY kid. Let me guess, my taxes are paying for your liberal arts degree? If you are going to be a fledging writer of poorly written fiction, the least you can do is put in a little effort. Your feeble attempt at humor too, is almost sad to witness. Get your money back from Hunter College, pack your bags and move back to your ****ty town. The minute you began actually bragging about living in the LES, you revealed what your sad peasant existance and low expectations for yourself. Step that game up young man.
  4. PeasantCrusha
    Today 08:34 PM
    Haha, I grew up on the Upper West Side you silly douchebag. In fact, I have an apartment in the city and a home in Long Island while you are a roommate to 5 other people in a slumlord setting. Give it up young man. I am a god and you are a peasant. You hide behind an avatar like the intentionally ambiguous peasant that you so clearly are. You know what's almost scary.. That if you left me in a room with your girl, I would have her sucking on my balls within the hour. You have NO idea how good I have things son. ~Dad.
  5. PeasantCrusha
    Today 08:03 PM
    I am your father on the internet. Owned you in a way that you will never recover from. Embrace it...
  6. PeasantCrusha
    Today 06:43 PM
    Hey peasant, none of that interests me as I am a mean republican who is ALL ABOUT self reliance and getting things done. Keep your paltry $25 lunch truck lavish lifestyle son. You are a peasant who lives on the lower east side. Talk to me when you move uptown to the UPPER east side. Filthy peasant CUNY peasants...
  7. VaBoriKua2012
    Today 05:09 AM
    Blah blah that's what I thought a straight puss response from a keyboard warrior. You giving the typical he did it so I can too response. Maybe you should commit suicide like the hundreds or thousands that do it daily. I am sure we'd be better off without your dumb ass.
  8. VaBoriKua2012
    02-27-2015 04:01 PM
    I'm someone that's been on here way longer than your corny hating ass. I'm not disgruntled just been seeing your post around and all you do is talk sit and it's always corny just like your signature. At least I've seen others be funny with it your just corny ass ****. You talk all that thrash about Ricans on the computer, but won't do it in person you **** boy.
  9. HateBoxing
    02-03-2015 06:12 PM
    i gave u green k u twat, thread made me lol
  10. bigjavi973
    02-03-2015 01:30 PM
    hell nah pom pom squad smh

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    New York City
    Guitars, Sci-fi, Records & Boxing
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    So it's official! The worst fan base after Floyd and Manny(obviously because of the rivalry) is MIGUEL COTTO!

    Congratulations to El Angel and the hairless pom-pom waving crew! You've successfully dragged that poor paper champ-journeyman into boxings most hated trenches with your disgusting biases, excuses, horrid avi-sig combos & amazing ability to avoid reality!
    Congrats Toto faces!


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    lil wayne and drake loves dog meat

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