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you see a pac-a-roach? kill it. simply put. no pac tards allowed in here, only pac tard killers. they are ****roaches and if u see one u stomp on it
8 1 1 0
05:16 AM
This is a group for the exterme boxing fan. I want guys who eat sleep and **** boxing. Posters who are eager to mix it up on the forums and on the show. Guys who are not afraid to hear others out and dabate logically. Posters who throw up a blog or two every once in a while. Most of all cool cats who just want to be active and talk boxing. To apply for membership hit Horus, Burner or LEFTY up...
108 91 945 0
10:51 PM
Adrien "The Problem" Broner Squad for fans only anyone CAN get it -MexiCANS -AfriCANS -DominiCANS -AmeriCANS
17 3 7 0
04:25 AM
Mayweather Mafia VIP Club. Top notch Mayweather fans who produce nothing but good quality non-biased posts and have a good rep around Boxingscene.
70 64 784 14
This is for all the Gorillas and all the Dogs out there
14 1 3 0
08:01 AM
Here you can see pictures and videos of your favorite and the world's best **** stars! Also you may find some free sites that have your favorite ****star in a ****o!
146 13 40 72
Open invite for all Atheists who want to see the self proclaimed Son of God fall, humbled, tasting defeat for the first time. Maybe let him explain away how God planned for him to lose and how everything happens for a reason, in mysterious ways, and all that nonsense. We have borrowed the nitwit Chad Dawson as the hero for the cause. Now we may have to borrow the pale, malnourished former Champ, Kelly Pavlik, even if he doesn't have a chance in hell of winning.
10 0 0 0
We are a bunch of cunts
20 3 16 0
Exposing the glass jawed warriors in the sport of boxing
6 1 2 0
12:24 AM
Only elite members may join this group. You must be willing to sacrifice yourself will full commitment to making The Scene a better place to post for everyone. To be eligible you must meet these requirements. -Understand that you are not a moderator or admin -Report all posts that are against the ToS and forum rules -Being able to handle people calling you a snitch
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