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Conversation Between VaBoriKua 2.0 and SlickRikki
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  1. VaBoriKua 2.0
    01-18-2010 04:16 AM
    VaBoriKua 2.0
    i been ok just chillen havent really been on but i plan to be gettin on again more often. Dam what did he do this time did he get an alt? Yea it has but i think it even started before that like it seemed diffenrent even before he loss to the steroid using pac but now its just completely dead. Thanks the familys good how everything with you?
  2. SlickRikki
    01-06-2010 11:12 PM
    hey Va how have you been? man Animalistic got banned again.This placed has change,I'm barely on anymore...its not the same you know since the cotto loss.

    anyways stay safe and stay cool.I hope you're family is doing well
  3. SlickRikki
    11-13-2009 08:07 AM
    Va its good to have you back man
  4. SlickRikki
    08-15-2009 09:30 PM
    Va listen to this I dont know if youve seen it
  5. SlickRikki
    08-07-2009 07:17 PM
    aww Im happy for you Va, Va Jr baby or Hija............ it was a league I was playin for my college team.Man youre to cool 2 be in the red. Man va I left my phone and went on vacation and evrybody thought i was dead lol, i got like 20 messages on my cell saying RIP,gone to soon, 145? team pacquiaos tryin to pull an oscar no matter cotto's going to handle business, did mayweather fight jmm in july who won? JMM
  6. VaBoriKua 2.0
    08-07-2009 07:08 PM
    VaBoriKua 2.0
    lol that playa **** aint working righ tnow i got a girl who preg and **** and live with me and its hard t be a playa when your girl everywhere u at lol. dam son that sucks were u playing just for fun or in a league? I hope u recover fully son. Pero yea cotto fighting pac but its bull**** they agreed to a non title fight at 145 then all of a sudden pac is saying he wants the title onthe line and cotto said if u want the title fight me at 147 and the wbo is tryna make coto fight at 145 for title and cotto said i dont have a problem vacating the title if i have 2 he said title fight 147 or non title at 145 and roach talking **** bout cotto . Gatti died vernon forrest died dam son uve missed alot. The red i got cause pacs fans cant take that someone is going aginst pac and they put me in red
  7. SlickRikki
    08-07-2009 06:44 PM
    Tampa thats nice, all the ladies etc( Va Borikua = true playa)...why r u in the red, I'l give you some green k . Man ive been gone for about a month loco todays my 1st day back chico. I had surgery in june on my left shoulder cono, i was playing third base and dived for the ball and boom i caught the ball but I couldnt get up haha. Then after surgery I went on vacation. I missed alot mi hermano I dont know who's fighting who is cotto realy fighting pacquiao, did gatti die? i missed alot
  8. VaBoriKua 2.0
    08-07-2009 06:34 PM
    VaBoriKua 2.0
    **** son they banned me like twice on this one and i came up with a new one and they banned it again. este es el mismo vaborikua accout pero i just upgraded it with the 2.0 on it. Pero im cool just in transition im living in miami but by the end of the month im moving to tampa. hows todo with u son?
  9. SlickRikki
    08-07-2009 06:27 PM
    Va what happened to your old account chico? How have you been loco
  10. VaBoriKua 2.0
    05-29-2009 03:40 PM
    VaBoriKua 2.0

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