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Conversation Between The Surgeon and Fish_Scotland
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  1. The Surgeon
    05-26-2012 05:18 AM
    The Surgeon
    Dude you sound just like me! lol i have ONE "boxing friend" (he fought last night actually, worked his corner) and love a smoke and infact NEED a smoke to last the course for a stateside bout! So whats the pick for tonight? I have a feeling Bute might stop Carl tbh despite how cagey and tough Froch is..... Be rooting for The Cobra though!
  2. Fish_Scotland
    05-24-2012 08:07 AM
    Oh do I like a smoke! lol I'm a massive pot head! I got one other "boxing" friend. We do the same thing every fight. Source some good smoke during the day, a nice create of Tiger/Stella and sit and get smashed, a bit of PS3 between fights, I love it.

    I can't stay up for a stateside fight unless I got some smoke man, it's a ritual. I've not tried to stay up without smoke in years. Don't think I'd manage it and I hate watching sports on repeat so it's not an option.
  3. The Surgeon
    05-10-2012 05:55 PM
    The Surgeon
    Haha sounds like Swankie! Yeah do that man, be good to meet a Real boxing fan in real life - we are a dyning breed my man lol! Noticed urin that Weed+Boxing group, u like a smoke? Im about to blaze some sticky icky green **** right now!
  4. Fish_Scotland
    05-10-2012 05:47 PM
    Really small world then as his dad used to sit in front of me at Dens a while back! I'm sure Gavin was snooping about my wee sister on facebook for a bit too! lol That was years ago now though. haha

    I'm not up that way often but will definitely will give you a shout sometime.
  5. The Surgeon
    05-10-2012 05:35 PM
    The Surgeon
    I love that Ice cream shop! Kirrie is an utter **** box though, worse than Arbroath! I know Swankie, he pals about with my cousin haha small world! Listen man next time u through gimmie a shout and we can grab a beer or catch a fight bud
  6. The Surgeon
    05-10-2012 05:32 PM
    The Surgeon
    I Love that ice cream shop man!
  7. Fish_Scotland
    05-10-2012 05:14 PM
    Ah good old Kirrie, kinda glad I got out of there young as I'm bored within 10 minutes when I go back. Highlight is an ice cream at Visocchi's, all down hill after that! Wish I still had my teuchter accent though lol. Have they got a statue of Gavin Swankie erected in Arbroath yet? lol The Huck-Ola draw was strange but certainly not undeserved. He's fighting over there now so their will be German benefactors so maybe not that strange. Good to speak dude.
  8. The Surgeon
    05-10-2012 04:22 PM
    The Surgeon
    Kirrie no **** i was working there today! I just live down the road in Arbroath! Ola is the man, i first saw him vs Enzo and have made a point of watching him ever since - the Dunston KO was stunning! I thought Huck nicked it too but i didnt actually score as i went. Was surprised to see him get a Draw being in Germany and all....
  9. Fish_Scotland
    05-09-2012 06:58 PM
    Hey man, I've just noticed your post! I normally post while at work so don't really do anything other than post. Seen I'm off work with one hand and thumb in plaster, I've had plenty of time to burn! lol Used to stay in Kirriemuir when I was younger hence I'm a Dundee fan but have lived in Rosyth for about 14 years. Loving the Ola avatar. Been banging his drum since he dropped Maccarinelli. I thought Huck sneaked it on Saturday though. Man, I thought Ola was gone so many times in that last round...Where you from?
  10. The Surgeon
    02-29-2012 03:22 PM
    The Surgeon
    Hey man, u from Dundee? What did u make of McAllister at the weekend? Total Quit job in front of all them people in that electric atmosphere.....Poor show

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