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Conversation Between Silencers and Dynamite Kid
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  1. Dynamite Kid
    11-11-2010 11:43 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    Specifically, this is the kinda thing I raised slight concerns about regarding Pac keeping Margo in the middle, watching this, do you still think he will be able to run Margo into shots, given that Margo was able to catch Williams on the tail end from time to time, and Pac being shorter than Williams, thus meaning he will be closer in range for those type of punches? just throwing it out there, see what you think...
  2. Dynamite Kid
    11-08-2010 07:29 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    I didn't think it would! happen, just a minor concern I had, cause Margo seemed to hit Williams quite a bit in the last few rounds of their fight, although I take the point Williams is not as quick as Pac.

    That sounds sensible, only reservations I had, was that if he surrendered any ground, that he might not get it back against Margo, although having thought about it, with how quick Margo tries to close distance, I guess Manny's fast feet, pivoting with help him do what you said.
  3. Silencers
    11-07-2010 10:55 PM
    I don't think Margarito has a shot at all at catching Pacquiao in the center of the ring, he's way too wide with his shots and his hands are too slow, the only punch that he can catch Pacquiao with at center ring is a jab over Pacquiao's right.

    I think Pacquiao with do a little of everything, stand in center ring if he feels Margarito isn't pressing him too hard, if Margarito starts pressing him, he might start backing up and circling a little to create angles so that Margarito runs into his shots. I can even see Pacquiao pushing Margarito back from time to time as crazy as that sounds, his speed and power can be overwhelming.

    I don't think Pacquiao will take his foot off the gas unless he's totally dominant, I do think he might lay up on the ropes on purpose once or twice early in the fight though to see what kind of firepower Margarito brings, it's something he likes to do. That can be dangerous.
  4. Dynamite Kid
    11-07-2010 10:42 PM
    Dynamite Kid
    Basically, no. I don't think Pacquaio even has to be 100% to decisively beat Margarito.

    Do you think Margo, because of how long he is, could catch Pac on the tail end if Manny keeps the fight in the centre, tries to peck away at Margo from range?

    Where do you envisage Pac operating from, middle of the ring, or letting Margo come foward, and if he does allow Margo to come foward, could that be dangerous in terms of, Margo can be pretty relentless on the front foot when he has a momentum?

    Do you have any concern that there might come a time in the fight where Pac takes his foot off the gas, and that, that could be a pivotal moment in the fight as to whether Margo can get something going in that small window of opportunity if Pac is looking to pinch a break? might Margo, in that period, be able to break Pac's rhythm up somewhat, get him away from what he is doing, or hurt him etc?
  5. Silencers
    11-07-2010 10:22 PM
    Basically, no. I don't think Pacquaio even has to be 100% to decisively beat Margarito.
  6. Dynamite Kid
    11-07-2010 10:06 PM
    Dynamite Kid
    Hey Silencer, we probably spoke about this before, but has anything changed for in terms of who you think will win out of Margo-Pac?

    At first I anticipated that Pac would win decisively, now im not sure, although that could be me reading too much into the hype shows etc.

    I think he will be a tough fight, a lot closer than I first anticipated, although I still think Pac will edge it, but before I thought it was a 70/30 fight for Pac, now I think its 60/40, 45/55.
  7. Dynamite Kid
    10-06-2010 10:30 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    BTW, Silencers, did you ever catch Groves- De Gale amateur fight on youtube? I just watched it, thought it was a very close fight, hard to score, had it a draw but would not argue with Groves edging it on aggression, that said, it was not easy to score.
  8. Dynamite Kid
    10-06-2010 10:27 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    That is how Booth strikes me, although I like the way he told Groves to throw his jab in a staccato rhythm, thats smart, makes it harder for your jab to be countered.


    Yeah, kinda like Pavlik throws that left hook to maneuver his opponent into the right?
  9. Silencers
    10-06-2010 10:21 AM
    It's a good point that Booth might not be observant enough to correct it. He doesn't seem like the type of trainer that works on the little things. We'll see though, Groves has time but it is around this time where stuff like this should get ironed out.

    Most definitely, Haye leaves himself very open to jabs by leaning his head out like that with his hands out of position to block the jab.

    Basically yeah, that's the right gameplan against Haye, you don't really want him to come forward and build momentum for his power shots so pushing him back with double and triple jabs while cutting off the ring is the right way to go. I'd mix in some little hooks after the jab to set him up more for the right hand, the little hooks would maneuver him into straight right hands.
  10. Dynamite Kid
    10-06-2010 10:08 AM
    Dynamite Kid
    I think he has time to correct, I would be skeptical however, whether Booth is an observant enough of a coach to spot the issue.

    Have you noticed how Haye leans his head forward to tries and draw leads so he can counter with the right hand? IMO that leaves you wide open to jabs, and right hands if someone jumps in at you with it, I also noticed during the Ruiz fight, that Haye gravitates toward the ropes, he only steps off the line when his back hits the ropes, which is probably why Ruiz landed so many right hands.

    If I had a someone fight Haye, I would tell them to press Haye off the front foot behind the jab, but make sure they cut the the ring down and dont come in straight, double and triple the jab to make him go straight back toward the ropes, then come with the right hand when he tries to pivot away.

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