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Conversation Between Silencers and Dynamite Kid
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  1. Dynamite Kid
    05-11-2011 12:42 PM
    Dynamite Kid
    Haye will have to be careful he doesn't pay for his movement aswell, because if he gets tired, his reflexes will slow down, which is why I think Ruiz was able to tag him late in their fight, he will also become a more stationary if he tires, so whilst the movement is a good idea, he better make sure he's moving with a purpose.
  2. Dynamite Kid
    05-11-2011 12:38 PM
    Dynamite Kid
    Haye will have to get off first, cause Wlad will take away his counter punching strategy imo. Wlad wont fall into mid range, he will keep it long, and maintain that safe distance from behind the stick, which is the best way to apply pressure against Haye imo. As you know, you have to draw someone into mid range in order to counter effectively.

    I felt Ruiz paid the price for pressuring him, but not maintaining that safe distance from behind the stick, which is disastrous against a big puncher.

    I always felt DLH was a dangerous fighter up the middle if you went straight at him(Chavez), but I remember when Genaro Hernandez fought him, he applied pressure, but maintained that safe distance from behind the stick, and that gave DLH problems imo.
  3. Dynamite Kid
    05-11-2011 12:27 PM
    Dynamite Kid
    He deffo better keep his hands up, cause if Wlad starts landing with the jab easily, he will zero in with the right imo.

    I also think whilst Wlad is tentative, that might be a spot for Haye to get off first on him with his speed, particularly if Wlad lulls himself to sleep stalking Haye.

    Yeah, I also think that Wlad is pretty good at cutting the ring down. If you watch the Eliseo Castill fight, he does an excellent job of cutting off the exits.

    I think if Wlad cuts the ring down adequately, but keeps it long, he could manoeuvre Haye into vulnerable places in the ring, and if he's able to connect with that jab in this situations, I dont think the right hand will be far behind.
  4. Silencers
    05-11-2011 08:17 AM
    Haye needs to keep his hands up and try to get underneath Wlad's jab while also giving Wlad in and out and lateral movement, the in and out movement would get Wlad tentative and the lateral movement would make Wlad reset but the thing is, I'm really not sure if Haye's feet are quicker than Wlad's, I mean his hands might be but Wlad has very quick feet for a guy his size so even if Haye gives Wlad lateral movement I don't think Wlad would take long to reset.

    Maybe Haye can learn a thing or two from Ken Norton when he fought Ali, catch Wlad's jab then shoot his own jab to disrupt Wlad, which would give Haye more openings.

    But anyways, I don't see that happening. As you said, Haye's habit of dropping his hands and leaning his chin forward is a recipe for disaster against the type of jab Wlad has.
  5. Dynamite Kid
    05-10-2011 11:14 PM
    Dynamite Kid
    Speaking about Haye, I was thinking his best shot to get inside, might be if he uses the movement to offset Wlad, then when Wlad is in transition from being reset, Haye could shoot in with his attacks, but the key might be, that he follows up his attacks, as though to help him close the distance and work his way inside, cause I think Wlad will go straight back before he moves off in circle, so if Haye can follow up and eventually land himself infront of Wlad, he might be able to disorganize Wlad, and Wlad is prone to being disorganized imo, that said, that is a very dangerous game plan if dont choose the right times to attack.
  6. Dynamite Kid
    05-10-2011 11:13 PM
    Dynamite Kid

    I think given how much Haye drops his hands, the way he thinks its smart to lean his head foward so he can counter over the top with his right hand, that he could eating the jab quite a bit. Anyone who knows Boxing knows you cant exclusively rely on slipping the jab to avoid it, that you also need to block and parry it.
  7. Silencers
    05-10-2011 10:29 PM
    I can't see Haye getting past the jab of Klitschko, I think the fight could be a bit anticlimactic as the fight goes on as it becomes more and more like a normal Klitschko jabfest. I also think Klitschko will live up to what he said about giving Haye a slow beating and knocking him out late.

    But who knows? Maybe Haye can fine a way to get underneath Klitschkos jab and find a way to land his bombs. I doubt it though.
  8. Dynamite Kid
    05-10-2011 08:34 PM
    Dynamite Kid
    Just out of interest, who you picking for Wlad-Haye, and why?
  9. Silencers
    03-06-2011 10:55 PM
    Bradley would have to take risks to get to Khan, punching with Khan is a good idea but it's a double edged sword because Khan is quicker and can get to the target easier than Bradley. Bradley would have to get inside Khan's reach and stay inside on Khan for extended periods to work the body and then travel up to the head, Bradley isn't going to win a fight against Khan on the outside in the center of the ring. Don't know if he can become the type of fighter that can get inside and stay inside while applying heavy pressure, Bradley is an in and out kind of guy, I know Alexander was taller and slightly faster than Bradley but Alexander's movement is different from Khan's.
  10. Dynamite Kid
    03-06-2011 04:15 PM
    Dynamite Kid
    I do think that one of things Bradley should look to do, is punch with Amir Khan, as that might be his best shot at answering his flurries. I dont know if you wait till Khan has finished up the combo, or whether you can slip inside something, that your going to be able to counter him that effectively, you may do it, but I doubt it will happen consistently enough for you.

    Punching with Amir seems the best ticket to answering his attacks, even Maidana was able to land right hands when he was unloading on him.

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