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Conversation Between TheHoff'sGhost and Oasis_Lad
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  1. Oasis_Lad
    06-01-2013 06:43 PM
    Keep yer chin up, Babes.

    Love, Laddie.
  2. Oasis_Lad
    04-26-2010 08:43 PM
    The ginges have been getting bold in your absence, babes.

    Venturing further and further outside, under the cover of darkness to minimise the chances of being caught and to avoid being turned to ash by the sun's rays.
  3. TheHoff'sGhost
    04-26-2010 08:33 PM
    Copper cab was asking for it eh Laddie. Flaunting his barnet like that. What the cunting hell did the lad expect.
  4. Oasis_Lad
    10-10-2009 06:23 PM
    He'll be writing about the Huns next. Cunt needs a swift kick in the cunt and sharpish.
  5. TheHoff'sGhost
    10-10-2009 06:18 PM
    He's lost the bastard plot so he has. He might as well write a bleeding book about a pig eating muslim next.

    What is the cunting world coming to eh...
  6. Oasis_Lad
    10-10-2009 06:16 PM
    A sober detective? what the jeebus is Rankin playing it?
  7. TheHoff'sGhost
    10-10-2009 06:08 PM
    Tis a mighty fine impression yer did there. You've honoured our dead big 'eaded friend with that one so you have.

    Rankin has got a new novel out now with a new detective fella in, but apparently the detective fella is a sober cunt so I'm already a wee bit put off.

    Long live Rebus, that's what I cunting say.
  8. Oasis_Lad
    10-10-2009 05:47 PM
    Been too busy perfecting my "Hi, I'm 2nd II None and I be dying" impression, babes.

  9. TheHoff'sGhost
    10-10-2009 05:44 PM
    How yer getting on with the Rebus books me lover? Are you close to polishing em off yet?
  10. Oasis_Lad
    09-27-2009 01:15 PM
    Aye, "Make love not turds" is regularly quoted by him.

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